Mission on Outpost 2775-b

Hey ! Makes a long time ago that I didn’t published any news of any kind… I want this time to talk about a creation I made last year, in 2015, but never publish any other infos about it (or on that website). Mission on Outpost 2775-b, what a weird name indeed. It’s about a toxic planet, which means, uh… That our favourites Humans Star Wars caracters can’t really breath… At least if they wish to stay alive. Naturally, the toxicity in the air is mostly due to an entirely different air composition and some chimical stuff. You can see in this creation the usage of purple for natural stuff, which I never used before ! This is something completely different, as generally you would use purpose for maybe creating Teth or that kind of planete, and using only or at 80% purple. But I tried just to put limited area of purple, and after all, it can do it !


Mission on Outpost 2775-b 3.001.jpg


Just appreciate the result, with a perfect beige, it really works ! So an advise for your creations, do not hesitate to use some of this purple if you have some, it can really put some more creative ideals in your creation, taking it out from entirely green or beige creations.

Another thing to notice is the building, its structure, with some kind of corridors, well, these are in fact corridors. As a toxic planet, for allowing people to safely went to a point A to B, this was made. The idea behind that is that it go to link to other little outpost, potentially extracting the natural chimical gas of this planet, that might be profitable.


Mission on Outpost 2775-b 2.001


By this picture I want to share you how much I put generally considered “weirds pieces” in this creation, plate round 1×1 green and pink together, along a stinky green as soil with extravagant vegetation ! And all of that surrounding a traditional and perfect grey building. This is a pretty original creation in my opinion as it totally goes out of the limit, and it wasn’t really the original idea, but glad of the result. I consider it as my first real “Grey Base”, me, that was used to “White Base”. Be quiet, it don’t means I’ll stop my originals creations, just opening new game areas.

Mission on Outpost 2775-b.001.jpg


In this picture, which was the first teaser for this moc, you can see the ideal of an isolated outpost, with a hostile environment, even if it was supposed to be, it have been made differently.

Coming back to the creation itself, very sample scenario, as the Star Wars Universe have thousands of unknown worlds, I suppose a World like this, with the Republicans having specials interests into its natural resources (gas for this one), and having Separatists mercenaries (Cad Bane and its friends) trying to create a mess and kill some Jedis (Anaking and Ahsoka) with the 501st, our very loved legion indeed, being present with some amazing jetpacks and naturally its leader, the great Captain Rex ! Funny construction, and really had pleasants time creating this one ! See you for a next hopefully greater and better creation !


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