Assault on Kamino

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m honored to introduce you « Assault on Kamino », which concern a direct Rebel Invasion of Kamino against the Empire. That’s rare that I’m doing creations about the Empire and the Rebellion, but now, that’s it ! This creation entry in TWC Productions’s 2015 LEGO Star Wars Base contest.

Assault on Kamino 2.001

First, the architecture, I don’t know if you see what it should represent, I hope so, it should represent you a small part of one of a Kaminoan big platform, in round, in order to more realism like if I zoom on this part of the platform. The second part of roof has been made in 2×4 white bricks due to the fact that I no longer have a sufficient number of plate (the first time since 2011), and this part have been the most difficult one, because I builded it down and mount it after, I can tell you that I was near the disaster ! Sure, it’s entirely in white -except the ground, due to grey base plates-.

Assault on Kamino.001

The creation represent so an typical Empire-Rebellion confrontation, but like in the original story of the Assault on Kamino, there is a special people, Starkiller ! And sure, Darth Vader, but another « Jedi », a mysterious one.. New Darth Vader apprentice after the escape of Starkiller ? Who knows.. There is Yularen too, because I get it, and I wanted to put him on a creation, so why not ! This time, not too much stormtroopers, nor too much rebels soldiers, in order to make this looks like a little raid with air support, to give to the creation a little height. With a B-wing which crash right on a AT-AT and in the direction of the confrontation and the Imperial Shuttle, a very disaster scenario. Concerning the « base », I put a lot of munitions, an armory, control command, but not too much, and no bedroom or living room, mainly because it is more an hangar area. Another AT-AT is under reparation but unfortunatly for him, a TIE fighter, probably put down by the X-wing, is crashing on him.

Assault on Kamino 3.001

I was very excited for the construction of this creation, not for the battle, or even the placement of UCS ships, but simply for the architecture, the building of this monumental thing !


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